What We Offer

  •  BMX Show on our custom portable BMX Ramp. Our ramp stands at 3 meters tall so its impressive before we even start launching off the take off. Our shows can vary from casual to jam packed depending on what your looking for. We cater to you and your budget no matter how big or small. Perfect for business's wanting to get people through the doors when promoting a sale, we always draw a crowd.
  • Bicycle Safety Presentations. Perfect for your school assembly or young children when learning to ride. No one knows the risks involved in cycling quite like we do. Crashing and broken bones are just apart of what we do and after two decades of first hand experience we can provide you with knowledge, techniques and awareness that can help you minimise the risk of injury.
  • Coaching. We are certified coaches through the Australian Sports Commission and can coach anyone interested in getting involved in BMX riding. This is perfect for groups of all ages and experience levels.
  • Photo Shoots. Looking to add something different to your birthday party photos? Or add a bit of flavour to your business? We can set up and orchestrate photos that can do exactly that. View our Gallery for some examples.